Drawing Explorer

Working with CMS IntelliCAD Explorer

IntelliCAD Explorer provides a powerful and convenient way to maintain and manage many of the features and settings of your drawings. You can use IntelliCAD Explorer to work with layers, linetypes, text styles, coordinate systems, named views, blocks, and dimension styles within the current drawing or to copy this information between drawings.

CMS IntelliCAD Explorer is able to:
• Manage elements related to settings and entities in your drawings.
• Organize information on layers, manage layers, and work with layer states.
• Create and use linetypes.
• Load text fonts and create text styles.
• Select and control coordinate systems.
• Save and restore named views.
• Work with layouts.
• Save, insert, and manage blocks and external references.
• Work with groups.
• Copy, cut, and paste dimension styles between .dwg files.